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Passionate Partners Workshops
 Exploring the Essentials of Marriage
Premarital Counseling and Individual & Marital Therapy

  • Separating emotionally from your family of origin, investing fully in the marriage, and redefining connections with both families of origin
  • Creating and balancing intimacy and autonomy needs while learning both your own and your partner's preferred style of communication
  • Considering the ramifications of children and childcare on the marital bond with the inevitable demands of shared time and energy
  • Understanding the life cycle and using the crises that life presents to strengthen both individual character but also the marital bond
  • Honoring differences while learning how to speak your own truth in the face of conflict and disagreement
  • Developing a healthy attitude toward your sexual relationship and incorporating new and pleasurable ways to relate sexually
  • Using laughter and humor to help keep problems in perspective and for helping to for creating a space where creative problem solving can take place
  • Exploring your own spirituality and learning how it manifests in your marriage and in your life work
  • Keeping romance alive amidst the many tendencies toward boredom and alienation that always remain a possibility


Office: 803-252-5777 and Cell: 415-377-1791

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