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Fertility Support

The Center specializes in working with individuals and couples who are navigating the difficult waters of infertility. There is an emphasis on the mind/body connection. 

Our clients:

  • Learn how to use the power of their mind to influence every interaction and to produce peak performance.
  • Are introduced to mental tools and exercises to enhance their own creativity and receptivity.
  • Challenge limiting core beliefs that may be blocking their chances for productivity.
  • Develop creative insights to dissolve old emotional patterns and to break through perceived limitations.
  • Address the stories that keep them from optimal ways of celebrating their relationship potential.
  • Experience deeper levels of fertility, creativity, and wellness while discovering a deeper level of intimacy.

The fertility enhancement program is offered privately to individuals and couples, in groups, in workshops, and in retreats. Work is done in the Columbia office, in retreat centers, and by phone. Personalized guided imagery tapes may be made upon request. 



Office: 803-252-5777 and Cell: 415-377-1791 

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