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Past Programs, Seminars, and Retreats

Fertility Enhancement Workshop
A three hour seminar for women who are wanting to enhance their own preparation for conception. The focus will be on Mind/Body Medicine and Chinese Medicine. It is for women who want to connect with the power of love and creativity within us all.

Couples Retreat
A three day retreat for couples who are wanting to create optimal Environments that might enhance conception and healthy pregnancy. The focus will be on Mind/Body Medicine and Chinese Medicine. It is for couples who want to build their relationships by connecting with the power of love and creativity within us all.

Other Programs, Seminars, and Retreats

These programs have been conducted at the locations shown below the program name.  If you would like to have a similar program for your organization, please contact us for more information.

Balancing Mind and Heart
Fifteenth Annual CPM Resource Center International Conference
Amway Center in Grand Rapids, MI

Focus on the challenge of living out your core beliefs and values in an organizational setting. Learning how to stay on track when obstacles and challenges appear. Moving beyond individual powerlessness to the experience of cooperative and collaborative focus.

Reigniting the Spirit of Caring
St. Joseph Health System of Eureka, CA
UC Davis Health System at Sacramento, CA
St. John Health System of Tulsa, OK
Centra Health System of Lynchburg, VA

Inspiring healthcare professionals in the balanced and compassionate approach to care of self, care of colleagues, and care of patients and families.

Leading Empowered Organizations
St. John Health System of Tulsa, OK

Assisting healthcare managers in creating healthy cultures that inspire peak performance, reward ingenuity, increase patient safety and satisfaction, and boost employee retention.

Interdisciplinary Integration Readiness Assessment
El Camino Hospital of Mountain View, CA
Baylor Healthcare System of the Greater Dallas, Texas Area
The Methodist Hospital System of Houston, TX
Centra Health System of Lynchburg, VA

Assessing hospital-wide readiness for interdisciplinary integration among all departments, units, and services.

Interdisciplinary Scope of Practice Training
Baylor Healthcare System of the Greater Dallas, Texas Area

Helping healthcare professionals from different disciplines explore the boundaries of their own scope of practice and their awareness of how their profession interacts with the other disciplines at the point of care. Preparation for implementation of knowledge-based charting.

Using Guided Imagery in Hospital Settings
Orlando Regional South Seminole Hospital

Training healthcare professionals who are preparing patients for elective medical and surgical procedures using guided imagery.

Certification Program in Integrative Medicine and Spirituality
Institute for Health and Healing

Training healthcare professionals seeking advanced training for working in hospital settings, in preparing patients for elective medical and surgical procedures, and working in an outpatient setting. Offering training in interdisciplinary complementary and alternative medical practice with a research component.

Managing Stress in Medical Office Management
New Smyrna Orthopedic Center, New Smyrna Beach, FL

An exploration of the basics of mind-body reactions that are common to medical office staff and creative options to create both harmony and productivity.

Healing Rituals Service
Marin Aids Interfaith Network, San Rafael
Exploring rituals that foster self care for the darker winter months for those living with life-challenging disease. Connecting with spiritual resources using music and imagery.

Meridians of Life Retreat
Stillheart Retreat Center in Woodside, CA

A three day exploration for couples focused on increasing the possibility of fertility by clearing internal blocks and raising the level of receptivity. A combination of acupuncture and complementary therapies is offered. The focus is on creating optimal mind/body health for the participants and their relationships.

Passionate Partners Seminars
Center for Creative Transformation in San Anselmo, CA

Offering help with keeping relationships strong, healthy, and passionate. Relevant topics are featured and privacy is respected.

Imagery Techniques to Enhance Private Practice
Marin CAMFT Food for Thought Series

An exploration of how guided imagery can enhance and augment different therapeutic models for private practice.

Healthy Relationships and Compassionate Self-Care
Oasis Education Center of Birmingham, Alabama

A weekend focus on developing and maintaining a healthy balance between mind, body, and spirit. Creating environments where relationships can reflect that balance.

Creative Transformation
Marin General Hospital

Learning how to recognize and reduce chronic stress responses. You can create healthy new patterns using guided imagery, meditation, breathing practices, and cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Imagine Health!
Marin General Hospital

Instruction in how to become your own best health coach. Learning to use your intuition and your imagination to improve your heath and creativity. Understanding the stress response and learning how to create a relaxation response.


Office: 803-252-5777 and Cell: 415-377-1791

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