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Guided Imagery

What is it?

Imagery is a way of harnessing our inner resources...our minds, feelings, and inner senses...for the purpose of healing. It is a way for us to get in touch with ourselves and the influences affecting our lives and ultimately our health. Through imagery, many bodily functions, often considered inaccessible to conscious influence, can be stimulated. Research has demonstrated that these kinds of supports to medical care may increase both quality of life and longevity.

How can it help?

  • Learn how to use the power of the mind to influence almost every major system of the body … from heart rate to digestion to the immune system.  
  • Discover “mental tools” and exercises to navigate life’s challenges.  
  • Alleviate the stress of limiting core beliefs that can cause fear, guilt, depression, and self-defeating behaviors.  
  • Develop creative insights to dissolve your fears and to break through your perceived limitations.  
  • Address unexplained symptoms at their source - your body - and return to the natural state of health that you were meant to enjoy.  
  • Experience deeper levels of creativity, receptivity, and wellness.

Who does it help?

People suffering from acute or chronic illness or injury, people wishing to control pain, insomnia or stress, and those who simply want new tools to support their own health and well being often find this approach beneficial in producing relief and strengthening inner resources.

The Center draws on the vision of The Academy of Guided Imagery:

“We imagine a health care system that encourages the patient/client to take a responsible and active role in the healing process. We imagine patients/clients actively accessing and using their innate healing abilities through the power of the mind/body connection. We imagine a whole new breed of health care providers - those who have developed special expertise that allows them to skillfully support the healing potential of their clients.”


You may purchase a Guided Imagery tape or CD by clicking on the link at the top of the page. (This feature is coming soon.) Custom Guided Imagery tapes reflecting a personal consultation may also be ordered by also clicking on the purchase link.

Audio Cassette “A Path to Healing” $14.00 (includes, tax, shipping and handling)

CD “A Path to Healing” $18.00 (includes, tax, shipping and handling)

Personalized CD or Audio Cassette $30.00 (includes, tax, shipping and handling)


Office: 803-447-1559 and 415-377-1791

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