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"It was a magical day for us and the ceremony was very special. We received compliments all day on how personal and beautiful the ceremony was."

"We enjoyed working with you on making our ceremony unique and special and will carry the day forever in our hearts."

"We are grateful and appreciative of the lovely ceremony that you facilitated for us. Your willingness to work through the holidays on short notice made possible the fulfillment of our wishes for an easy, intimate wedding."

"Everyone felt included and all enjoyed the considerable talent that you brought to the ritual. You’ll definitely be getting some referrals from us!"

"Thank you for being a part of our wedding day. The ceremony was perfect- it was thoughtfully put together and very well executed."

"So many of our family and friends were impressed with your confidence and calm nature. We were told by many that our ceremony was the most unique and interesting of all the weddings they had attended."

"We still read our wedding vows periodically- I absolutely love having the beautiful binder. We still both agree that our wedding was better than any we ever attended - what great memories we have."

"I want to thank you so very much for the support you extended to my family and most particularly to me during my mother’s hospitalization and process of dying. I really appreciated our conversations and your concern and caring attention. With deep gratitude I thank you for this. You are doing very good work."

"Your creativity, sensitivity, love of beauty and spirituality show up in so many ways."


"Rebecca led me through six sessions of meditation and imaging. Her presence and attentiveness is remarkable. In a gracious, hospitable manner she greeted me on each occasion with warm sensitivity. She probed, elicited, played her hunches and mostly listened. … Within a few sessions, Rebecca helped me to regain my equanimity, overcome fear and reconcile old pain. She was comfortable with my tears. I am indebted to her."

"Your help in awakening my inner reserve and faith during my recent surgery and hospital stay was a gift beyond description. Our conversations about images, word pictures, and thoughts of affirmation proved to be as life sustaining as oxygen."

"I’ll always appreciate your wise guidance, gentle explanations, your acceptance of my being frightened, and your promise to find me after surgery. You said you would, and you did! Thanks for coming to the room; your presence gave me peaceful energy for hours."

"The books you recommended helped me focus on many of life’s profound mysteries… finding those resources at the right time was certainly the right prescription for me. The books were both comforting and challenging — reading a few chapters daily helped me affirm the biblical lesson that, "I was not on this journey alone.""

"You are truly one of God’s healing helpers. You’ve learned to see people wherever they are and wisely guide those who are searching. Thanks for leading me on this wonderful walk."


Office: 803-252-5777 and Cell: 415-377-1791

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